Goldsmith CEO Advisors 

Private Investment Banking

Timing, in almost any endeavor, is of the essence.  In investment banking, it can make the difference between a deal you have to do, and a deal you want to do.  Business conditions, after all, are always shifting, evolving, accelerating or decelerating.  And windows of opportunity seldom stay open for long.  Goldsmith CEO Advisors helps clients identify those windows of opportunity, and more decisively, before they shut.  To accomplish this, we analyze the industry our client is in, and its future prospects.  We look at our client’s position within the industry.  We compare its historical financial performance with others in the industry.  We consider how acquisition opportunities in this industry have been received, and whether the acquisition market, in general, is favorable or not.  If this research suggests it isn't in a client's best interest to do a transaction, we say so.  If the timing is right, however, the results can be even greater than expected.